You will present an approximately 10 minute impromptu presentation on the natural history/ecology, distribution, evolutionary affinities (order, family, genus species & phylogenetic relationships if known) and scientific name, and conservation status of each species assigned to you below. We will do this in the field, and without any visuals,  when we find the species in question, or when we find the habitat where it is supposed to be found. The best thing for you to do is to make the notes that you will use in your field book that you should be purchasing.

1. Black-fronted piping guan/Jacutinga (Aburria jacutingaAllen Tian
2. Green-headed tanager/Saíra-sete-cores (Tangara seledonEmily Landon
3. Red-breasted toucan/ Tucano-de-bico-verde (Ramphastos dicolorusKristen Hayward
4. Red-tailed amazon / Papagaio-de-cara-roxa (Amazona brasiliensisMaleeka Thaker
5. Neotropical river otter/Lontra (Lontra longicaudis) Ani Marcus
6. Southern muriqui/Mono-carvoeiro ou Muriqui (Brachyteles arachnoides) Sierra Proud
7. South American tapir/Anta (Tapirus terrestrisAlex Cameron
8. Lowland paca/Paca (Cuniculus pacaArjun Augustine
9. Azara’s agouti /Cutia (Dasyprocta azaraeSoulaine Theocharides
10. Sapinho-pingo-douro (Brachycephalus vertebralis, Brachycephalus pitangaCheyenne Kammerer
11. Yellow cururu toad / Sapo-cururu (Rhinella icterica) Darcey Pearson
12. Coastal Tree Toad / Sapinho-de-brómelia (Dendrophryniscus cf. brevipollicatus) Kayleigh Casmey
13. Guenther’s Horned Frog (Proceratophrys appendiculate) Amelie Mahrt-Smith
14. False coral snake /Falsa-coral (Erythrolamprus aesculapii) Emily Pountney
15. Painted or true coral snake / Coral verdadeira (Micrurus corallinusHayden Wainright
16. Juçara pam / Palmito-juçara (Euterpe edulis) Sean Vanderluit
17. Imperial samambaiaçu / Samambaiaçus (Dicksonia sellowiana) Heather Vanderlip
18. West Indian locust / Jatobá (Hymenaea courbarilEmma Lachance Linklater
19. Cattley guava / Araçarana (Psidium cattleyanum) Meghan Hamp
20. Cecropia/ Embaúbas (Cecropia pachystachya Trécul) Riley Gridzak